Ngadi Group Power Limited was encorporated as a private limited on 2062/11/09 BS  and later translated to the public’s company as Ngadi Group Ltd. on 2071/02/25. The main objective of the company is optimum use of water for hydropower generation which ultimately fulfills the demand of electricity of the consumer as well as tends to hide the nation’s energy crashes.

Optimum use of water resources to generate the hydro energy is the main objective. We are strongly involved in identification of technically feasible and environmentally sustainable hydropower project.

Ngadi Group Power Limited is committed to operational excellence and believes in good governance and corporate citizenship.

Our Projects

Siuri Khola Small Hydropower Project (5000 KW)

Siuri Khola Small Hydropower Project is located in Bhulbhule VDC of Lamjung district. The project has an installed capacity of 5 MW with a design discharge of 1.4 m3/sec.First feasibility study of Siuri Khola Small Hydropower Project was completed in the year of 2005  The power purchase agreement with an installed capacity of 990 kW with Nepal Electricity Authority was completed based on the same feasibility study of 990kw capacity on 2006. This detail project study is carried out and ...

Super Nyadi Hydropower Project (40.27 MW)

The source river of the Super Nyadi Hydropower Project is Nyadi which flows between Bahundada and Bhulbhule VDCs of the Lamjung District. The project is identified for 40.27 MW and application is submitted to DoED for the Survey License on 2071/05/18 and the Survey Licence is obtained on 2071/10/13. The Company has already signed with Clean Energy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. for the feasibility study of the project. Desk study report has finalized the project salient features and all the project ...