Dr. Bhogendra Kr. Guragain

Dr. Bhogendra Kr. Guragain

Dr. Bhogendra kumar Guragain has graduated in MBBS from Institute of Medicine (IOM), TU,Nepal and graduated from MSc (Epidemiology) from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Mr. Guragain has experiences of leading role in hydropower sector and financial institutions as follows.

  • Executive Chairman      Ngadi Group Power Ltd. (Siuri Khola Hydropower Project 5 MW)
  • Excutive Chairman        Kathmandu Fun Valley Pvt. Ltd.
  • Founding Director         Sunrise Bank Ltd.
  • Director                         Barun Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. (4.5 MW Project)
  • Excutive Chairman       Siuri Nyadi Power Pvt. Ltd.(Super Nyadi Hydropower Project 40.27 MW)
  • Executive Chairman     River Falls Power Ltd. (Down Piluwa Khola Hydropower Project 9.5 MW)
  • Executive Chairman     Shuvam Power Ltd (Lower Piluwa Small Hydropower Project 990 KW)

Mr. Guragain has some key experiences are as follows

  • Seventeen years of Civil Society work and international consultancy
  • Worked as International Program Advisor for more than one year in Medical Foundation London
  • Worked as visiting professor in more than a dozen of universities in Europe (UK, Netherlands, Denmark) Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Thailand) and North America (USA and Canada)
  • Worked as an advisor for World Health Organization (WHO) and various UN agencies
  • Has managed NRs. 100 million projects each year for more than 10 years
  • Has travelled 50 countries in the all continents of the world