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Siuri Khola
Small Hydropower Project (5000 KW)

 Ngadi Group Power Limited was encorporated as a private limited on 2062/11/09 BS and later translated to the public’s company as Ngadi Group Ltd. on 2071/02/25. The main objective of the company is optimum use of water for hydropower generation which ultimately fulfills the demand of electricity of the consumer as well as tends to hide the nation’s energy crashes. Optimum use of water resources to generate the hydro energy is the main objective. We are strongly involved in identification of technically feasible and environmentally sustainable hydropower project. Ngadi Group Power Limited is committed to operational excellence and believes in good governance and corporate citizenship.

Siuri Khola Small Hydropower Project is located in Bhulbhule VDC of Lamjung district. The project has an installed capacity of 5 MW with a design discharge of 1.4 m3/sec.First feasibility study of Siuri Khola Small Hydropower Project was completed in the year of 2005 The power purchase agreement with an installed capacity of 990 kW with Nepal Electricity Authority was completed based on the same feasibility study of 990kw capacity on 2006. This detail project study is carried out and report is prepared for the upgraded size of the project from 990 kW to 5000 kW for project implementation in the context of PPA was signed with NEA on the date February 2008 for upgraded capacity.

Hydrology of the project indicates that the river has discharge of 0.57 m3/sec at Q65 discharge and 1.69 m3/sec at Q40, is enough for fulfilling the requirement of the project. The engineering geological study conducted in the area indicates that there is no such hazards and risk associated on the project area itself. Most of the alignment passes through barren land. There is requirement of protection and drainage management for the landslide d/s of proposed powerhouse on the left side of Siuri Khola.

The project has two diversion schemes in both rivers i.e. Liuri and Siuri Khola. Water from Liuri khola is collected through collection canal and discharged into Siuri khola at Siuri diversion scheme maintaining the level of diversion weir at 1833.50m. There is side intake provided with intake gates for discharge control. A gravel trap and desanding basin capable of removing particles up to 0.2 mm is recommended

Location of Project Site

Bhulbhule VDC


Northing  : 28°20’00”-28°21’08”

Easting   : 84°27’30”-84°29’23”

Catchment Area at Intake

21.1 km2

Design Flow

1.4 m3/s

Length of weir

12.93 m

Number of Units


Type of Turbine

Pelton (Impulse)

Shaft Arrangement


Rated Head

452.42 m

Rated Output for each unit

2650 kW

Turbine CL Elevation

EL 1374.57 m

Turbine Efficiency

89 %

Generator Rated  Output for each unit

3150 kVA

Transformer Capacity

3*2100 kVA

Transformer Efficiency

99 %

Transmission Length

8 km

Transmission Voltage

33 kV

Interconnection Point

Switching Station at Nyadi, Lamjung

Installed Capacity


Gross Head

458.88 m

Annual Energy Generation

32.10 GWh

Dry Season Energy (four months)

6.68 GWh

Wet Season Energy (eight months)

25.42 GWh

PPA Date (990 kW)

2007 Aug 02 (2064/04/17)

PPA Date (3960 kW)

2009 Jan 19 (2065/10/06)



COD  Date


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Board of Directors

Robin Subedi


Rilli Gurung


Satya Narayan Prajapati


Ranju Adhikari


Bikash Giri


Sudhansu Tulsyan


Laxmi Sobha Gosai

Independent Female Director

Tanka Prasad Regmi

Company Secretary